My Dentist and Me

Radcliff Brown Jr and me

Let me introduce you to my dentist, Radcliff Brown, Jr. His office is at 1501 University Blvd in Mobile, Alabama.

When I moved back to Mobile about three years ago, I asked friends to recommend a dentist, and they recommended Radcliff Brown Jr.

I had a cracked tooth, and I needed a crown. Radcliff Brown Jr used his state of the art technology to create a crown for me while I waited. Yes, I got the crown the same day, in one office visit. I was amazed at how perfect it felt, and wanted to know more about the technology that allows such speedy dental work.

Look at the video below, and you will watch my dentist scan a man's teeth so he can create a digital model of the man's mouth-


And in the video below, you can see my dentist use the digital scan to design and create a bridge for his patient's mouth.


Radcliff Brown makes time for new patient appointments, so, if you need a dentist, call his office at 251- 342-5636.

My Dentist and me and his tree
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