New Episode of the Uncle Henry Show Podcast


Hello, Friend. Or Non-Friend, depending on your motives.

In the freshest episode of the Uncle Henry Show podcast, I share my reaction to the astonishing Alabama victory over Georgia in the SEC Championship game. I play a few listener voicemails about that topic as well. 

Dan Brennan of 95 KSJ, noted Georgia Bulldog fan and anti-Tua blogger, pops in to discuss his personal pain after having to watch Georgia collapse in the fourth quarter of the SEC Championship game. By the way, his anti-Tua writings can be found HERE.

I also speak (rant) at length about the newest, freshest Ladd Stadium controversy. 

Please listen to my spoken words, and let them sink into your mind.

Is Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa Overrated?  - Thumbnail Image

Is Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa Overrated?

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