Heal Your Sick Mind with this Wholesome Television Binge Watching Material

Hello there, sick-brained individual!

You have come to the right webpage! I'm going to help you heal your tortured psyche.

I've vetted the television episodes I have embedded on this page. I watched all three episodes, in a modern, back-to-back "binge" style, stopping only to refill snacks and beverages. It felt decadent to watch all three episodes in one sitting. However, I believe I benefited, as the television soothed me, and left me with better mental health.

The first episode is the beverly Hillbillies being unjustly sued by gold digging con-men. The themes still resinate in modern America. And it manages to be funny!

Watch it!

The next two shows are early episodes of Petticoat Junction. It's a two parter that astonished me. I was impressed by the compact,efficient writing, and by the general "sweetness" of the story and its characters. I'm not sure there are any tv shows currently that are this "sweet." It relaxed me beyond all belief!

Watch them and thank me later-

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