Choice for Those Crossing The Bay: The Long Wait or The Long Way 'Round

With the Causeway flooded due to Cristobal, my options were limited for getting to work this morning (and probably will be for getting home this evenig as well).

The choice for drivers? A 30 minute crawl across the Bayway or the trek through 225 and the Dolly Parton bridge.

While I had heard several reports that traffic on the WB Bayway was moving slowly, and a lot of that was due to rubber-necking as people saw how flooded the Causeway was, I just couldn't handle being at a near standstill before even getting on the Bayway.

So I opted to keep moving, even if it took longer. I took Hwy 225 to I-65 and headed south into Mobile.

And not that I have a bridge phobia or anything, but let's just say the part about my choice that made me uncomfortable was going through rain and wind, the leftovers of Cristobal, on the I-65 bridges... and yes, especially on the Dolly Parton bridge.

I got to work going the long way... and will check traffic cams before I head home.

The Causeway flooding got worse, not better, during the morning at high tide. So it may be late before things get back to normal.

I just want my Causeway back. It's good for the soul.

(Photo from ALGO Traffic Cameras/ALDOT)

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