The MoonPie Twitter Account Is Roasting Anyone

The Moon Pie Twitter account does not hold back and it's a great corporate trend we're seeing (see Wendy's social media). Yes, the Moon Pie account is not holding back any punches as Twitter user Kaela found out. She was complaining about the product and Moon Pie got real.

Another Twitter user questioned MoonPie's use of time on social media. That person's original Tweet has since been deleted since they got roasted so bad by Moon Pie. Business Insider was gracious enough to save a screenshot.

And then MoonPie thought they should spend their time in a boat, instead of on social media.

Then there was that one time where we had a solar eclipse this year (2017) and Hostess was declaring Golden Cupcake was the official snack of the Solar Eclipse.

And Moon Pie has gained some followers along the way...

Needless to say, it's time to strap in and enjoy the ride with Moon Pie. So go ahead and Tweet them cheers or jeers and see what happens!

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