Kids Buying Things Online With Parent's Money

It happens all too often. An unsupervised cell phone or laptop being used to make amazing online orders, the kind only your child could appreciate. LIke a $150, or 5 lbs of cookies or even a car.

See the cautionary tales of leaving devices around for kids to use. It could just cost you an arm and leg. 

There's good news for Amazon users though, see below.

Fortune reports the FTC recently sued Amazon for not refunding parents for unauthorized purchases. After a year of being in court, Amazon dropped the appeal and has now refunded close to the tune of $70 million. Also, an additional $26 million was asked for in damages, the Verge reports

Here is the official report from the FTC.

Here is Amazon's official document on how to receive a refund for unauthorized purchases. So if you have curious kids ordering 2 xBox Ones online or a brand new car, you can now refund it - at least on Amazon.

Sidebar: be careful out there, there are videos and blogs circulating that show kids how to make purchases with their parent's credit cards. 

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