Update: AL Woman's Survival Story Stumps Producer


AL.com reports Jim Morton is having a hard time believing her survival. Morton is an Auburn graduated that has produced 8 Naked and Afraid episodes for Discovery channel. He filmed the episode that took place not far from where Lisa Theris was lost for 28 days in woodland Bullock County.

For those of you who haven't seen her viral story, she was found naked and dirty in Bullock County. She survived on water from a nearby brook and mushrooms and berries to eat. 

Morton says he knows experts are brought in all the time to tell Naked and Afraid participants what they can and can't do wherever they are filming. 

I've been going out there since I was a kid," Morton says. "Midway is actually where my dad is from. It's less than 10 miles away from where we were (during the filming of Naked and Afraid). It's all right there in the same kind of area.

But even out there in the middle of stuff, you can hear power saws, you can hear all kinds of things," Morton says. "You run into fences out there in the middle of the woods, and I mean, Alabama Power is all over the place. So you're always running into power lines and stuff like that."To me, unless you're hiding, or you're just sitting in one place, I don't know how you don't run into something to get out of there. It's not like you're in Belize or Guyana" (where Morton has filmed other Naked and Afraid episodes) where there's nobody there.

Theris claims it was exactly like that, especially since she is legally blind and did not have her glasses or contacts. Theris also maintains she does not remember how she ended up naked and lost in the Alabama woods. 

We feel there is more to this story. Stay tuned.

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Alabama Woman Survives 28 Days In The Wild
Alabama Woman Survives 28 Days In The Wild
She ran way from two men burglarizing a hunting camp site. And survived, lost, in the woods for 28 days.
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