New Who music, Pete Townshend on getting old.

Pete Townshend has opened up a little more aboutThe Who's upcoming self-titled album, which will be out on November 22nd.

In an E-mail interview withThe Dallas Morning Newshe says, "I certainly wrote a few songs specifically about what happens when you get old. But funnily enough, I did a fair bit of that the first time I thought I had got old, when I passed through being 30 in 1975. "I think in writing songs that I hoped Roger Daltrey would connect with, I had to accept that, although we are both old men now, we are very different. So it's the broader issues I ended up writing about. "The songs are about what we agree on, and one thing we can't argue about is that we are both old."

"The biggest misconception about The Who or its music, Townshend said, is "that we are, in any way, a heavy rock band. We can do it, but we're closer to prog rock than, say,Led Zeppelin. "On the other hand, there is a part of me that really doesn't [care] what you think of us. That may be what makes us seem like an old school rock band: We do our best, but if we [screw] up, so be it."

Townshend says The Who is now "two old guys dragging around a suitcase full of songs written and recorded before they were even close to middle-aged, and — incidentally — also dragging cardboard cutouts of two of the most iconic, but sadly deceased, band members in Keith Moon and John Entwistle."

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