Alabama Woman Spots Manatees Outside Her Home After Ida Floods Yard

Photo: Getty Images

Ida, now a Tropical Depression, is carving a path through the south, bringing heavy winds and rains to much of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as it heads further north into Tennessee. The onslaught of rain and storm surge has caused bodies of water to flood, including Dog River near Mobile.

The flooded river rushed into the yard of Stephanie Williamson, whose security camera caught an unusual sight: manatees swimming in her yard. While Williamson's family is used to seeing the subdued sea creatures from a far, it was a bit of a shock when they spotted them in their own flooded yard, WKRG reports.

"I just looked out the window, and I could tell they were up in the yard, and when they hit the bulkhead and just kept coming over a little bit and kind of waddled around, and then went back into the water, so it was pretty cool," she said.

The manatees can be seen in the video below poking out of the water as they swim through Williamson's yard.

If you spot a manatee, contact the Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Manatee Sighting Network at 1-866-493-5803 or send an email to

"You should never approach them," Williamson warned. "They are wild animals, and it could be detrimental for them and you, but we do want to make sure that they are okay."

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