Arson Closes Rangeline Walmart

You may have wondered what was going on at the Walmart on Rangeline Road.

It's closed until further notice, due to damage from an arson fire last Friday.

The good news is, no one was hurt.

Police are looking for 3 suspects in connection with that fire and one at the Walmart on the East I-65 Service Road.

UPDATE: This investigation has become a multi-agency including the ATF, the agencies associated with the Gulf Coast Technology Center and Global Security associated with Walmart. Several request have been made as to the detaining of a possible suspect on Friday and we can confirm that a man was questioned by detectives and that information is being investigated, however no arrest has been made. Detectives locally do not have anything that would suggest that any other fires in any other cities are connected to the incidents here in Mobile and this investigation is ongoing.  We have received some tips from the community that will help in the investigation and more information is definitely needed. If anyone has information, please call Mobile Fire Rescue Department at 208-7311. 

From Mobile Police:

On 05/28/2021 at 1538 hours, Mobile Police and Mobile Fire Rescue responded to the Walmart located 5245 Rangeline Road for a report of a fire inside of the store. Upon arrival officers and firefights discovered an active fire inside of the store and it was extinguished without any injuries. Investigators with Mobile Fire Rescue began to investigate the incident. Fire Investigators believe that the fire was started by use of an accelerant, that multiple people are involved in this incident and have confirmed that this incident is connected to the fire at the Walmart on 05/27/2021 at 101 East I-65 Service Road.  

The Investigation into these incidents will continue and more information can be released as it becomes available. If anyone has information to assist in the investigation, please call the Mobile Fire Rescue Department at 208-7311.  

(Photo: Getty Images)