The Disastrous All- Caller Episode of the Uncle Henry Internet Show

It was an unfortunate DISASTER!

This past Friday night, it was an All Caller Show! Uncle Henry taking phone calls for an hour. WHAT A BAD IDEA!

If you have the intestinal fortitude to watch, you will see the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: Calls from Mason Lafayette of, Randy Kennedy of Sportstalk 99.5, Reagan Girl and Norman. Plus live music from Day of the Iguana.

The Bad: Former Uncle Henry Show Call Screener Leeanna pops in to promote herself and her rival radio station.

The Ugly: Numerous stupid and filthy phone calls with Uncle Henry somehow unable to hear the moronic callers, plus a lady in the audience has too many beverages and decides to walk onto the set!

if you can take it, it's all below-

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