Uncle Henry Interviewed on Cheers to Business Podcast

Thank you to Karen and Cadie for inviting me to be on their podcast!

I always appreciate it when people go to the trouble of at least pretending to care what I think! It feels great!

here is the official podcast description from DeepFriedStudios.com : On this quarantine special episode, Karen and Cadie are talking surviving and thriving through this coronavirus crisis, and business shutdown with the sage-like, hilarious, and Mobile, Alabama Radio LegendUncle Henry. Uncle Henry shares what he is seeing now inside his company and with advertisers on WNTM 710AM and iHeartradio. And, he gives his thoughts on the effects of this mandated shutdown on the "nonessential" local businesses and the whole community. On a lighter note, Karen asks about the NEW FRIDAY NIGHT UNCLE HENRY INTERNET SHOW on FACEBOOK LIVE, Bedtime Stories for Seniors, and keeping your spirits up during these anxious times.

Stick around to the very end of the show to hear The New Neighbors from Uncle Henry's Bedtime Stories for Seniors. We promise it will make you smile and give you a big ole belly laugh.

You can listen to the podcast below-

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Help With Your Bills

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