Local Musicians Performing Online for YOU

Musicians in most of the world are struggling because of "social distancing." So how are musicians interacting with their audiences? By performing live on social media.

We've seen examples of big celebrities doing live online performances, and now, many Gulf Coast artists are doing the same thing for their local fans.

Below, you'll find a couple of recent live performances from some of my favorite local artists.

Last Call Rodeo performed this past Tuesday night for all of us, and they plan to do so again this weekend. Check out their video, and also tip them if you can.

And also, Johnny Gwin of Deep Fried Studios has set up a way for artists to perform on his page. In the video below you'll see two local favorites, Eric Erdman and Rick Hirsh. They also accepted tips, and decided to donate the money to downtown Mobile businesses that are beinh hurt by the pandemic.

If you know of other local musicians doing this online performances, let me know and I'll pass on the info.

Help With Your Bills - Thumbnail Image

Help With Your Bills

Watch Eric Erdman Serenade Uncle Henry  - Thumbnail Image

Watch Eric Erdman Serenade Uncle Henry

Eric Erdman Sings - Thumbnail Image

Eric Erdman Sings

Video: Live Music on the Uncle Henry Show - Thumbnail Image

Video: Live Music on the Uncle Henry Show