Uncle Henry Show Review of Westworld: Season 3, Episode 1

Big Chief Henry

Big Chief Henry

It is with great regret and bitterness that I, Uncle Henry, review the latest episode of HBO's Westworld.

My Corporate Overlords often order me to review TV shows and movies, allegedly for the entertainment and information purposes of our Beloved Listeners. I question my bosses' motives. They never ask me to review programs that older Americans enjoy, like NCIS or NCIS:Whatever Sequel City. Instead, they always ask me to review filthy and/or disgusting programs. Shows like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I believe this entire exercise is their attempt to get me to quit. ( I will never quit. They will have to dynamite me off the air.) 

And so here we are with the latest episode of Westworld.

Westworld is a tv program about robots who look exactly like human beings, and it is set in a cowboy style amusement park for rich perverts in the future. The entire reason for the existence of the tv show seems to be to show completely naked actors, and to feature extreme violence and massive amounts of cussing.

Other media fold review it and claim it is a masterpiece, and I think they are full of crap. I think the reviewers are just as confused as I am, but they don't want to admit that they are baffled, so they claim to "get it," and thus give it glowing reviews.

Trust me- the show has no redeeming qualities. Do not watch it. You do not want to have naked robots, killing and cussing, rumbling around in your subconscious mind. 

And do not let your childreng or spouse watch it. The mental filth will infect your family like a virus, and you will find your family dynamic shattered from it. Your loved ones may become casually naked, or might even incorporate cusswords into dinner table conversation. 

Below, you can hear several incorrect opinions that conflict with my correct opinion. Scotty White, Johnny Gwin and KP watched Westworld with me, and due to their worldly nature, they claim to have liked it. Only NORMAN agreed with me!

If you want to watch cowboys, find an old episode of Bonanza, or watch any John Wayne movie. You will be better off if you do. 




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