Girl At Graveyard Waves At And Kisses Ghost

No one knows what happens after we die, and nobody can say with 100% certainty whether ghosts exist or not. Some people believe that our spirits can stay on Earth after we pass, and there are folks who feel only the very young can see those entities. Well a video one mother took definitely supports that theory.

Keyona Walker from Virginia went to visit the grave of her sister, taking her little girl, Layona, along as well. While at the cemetery, Keyona filmed Leyona as she seemed to be having a conversation with someone, though no one else was there. The little girl stares at the space above a grave, like she is making direct eye contact with a person. She even waves and says bye. Her mom asks who she is waving to but gets no reply. Leyona then strains her neck and kisses the air, as though an adult is next to her kissing her back. She points up and babbles a little, then returns to her mother.

Keyona posted the video on Facebook, captioning it, "Went to go see my sister grave. And this happened. Layona talking to Big mama and leaned over to give her a kiss. I just can't believe this😭😭R.i.P my Loves Taneil, Big mama and PaPa😘"

The footage has been watched by millions of people, many commenting about how the video clearly shows Layona having an interaction with a relative who passed away.

Photo: Facebook/KeyonaWalker