NBC-15's Alan Sealls Wins Broadcast Meteorology Award

Congratulations to NBC-15's Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls on a big honor! Over the weekend, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) awarded Alan with "The Award for Broadcast Meteorology" at their annual conference. The award was given for his career of providing weather information in "relatable, entertaining terms."

Gulf Coast residents have known how good he is for a very long time. And during a particularly busy portion of the 2017 hurricane season, his clear, concise explanation of three storms churning at once went viral.

For a short time in September 2017, Alan Sealls was the top-trending post on Reddit, where a user handed him the title of "Best Weatherman Ever." And WKRG noted that "viewers on the Gulf Coast have long known how incredible [he] is at his job."

Alan is no longer at WKRG News 5. He and his employer were unable to come to terms on a new contract, and he left the station in June. But now, Alan is back on the air -- this time, with NBC-15. Starting Monday, January 20th, Alan Sealls will once again become a fixture in Gulf Coast homes. And thanks to our news partnership with NBC-15, we're so glad to have his forecasts coming back to our iHeartRadio stations.

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