Some Folks Still Mad at the Comic Cowboys

Comic Cowboys

The Comic Cowboys and controversy seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This year, many observers thought that the Comic Cowboys had toned things down a bit, and were less controversial than usual. One local family disagrees with that assessment.

One of the signs in the parade poked fun at the recent hazing incident that occurred last year at Davidson High School, where a football player was seen on video being beaten by his teammates. The player ended up with a broken arm, and his parents are suing the Mobile County Public School System.

The players parents believe it was wrong to joke about their son's injury, and the parents also blame Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson, a former member of the Comic Cowboys.

You can read a letter from the family below, and also watch a video interview conducted by NBC 15's Muriel Bailey.

Dear Mr. Mayor:
It has come to our attention that a group you are possibly affiliated with, namely the Comic Cowboys, has displayed a billboard at the Fat Tuesday celebration in Mobile that mocks and makes light of the seriousness of the tragedies that have taken place at Davidson High School since approximately 2007 under Coach Riley's tenure. I have attached a photograph of this billboard for your review.
As a result of this illegal "hazing" brutality, we currently have four (4) young Davidson Students and their families whose lives and futures have suffered tremendous injuries due to the unbelievable negligence and disregard for the welfare of the children of Davidson under the leadership of both your office as well as every person elected or appointed to protect these children. Please be reminded that 11 boys who were used as tools by the Mobile County District School Administration to exact brutality against our children have been criminally prosecuted and have had their lives destroyed, as well, thanks to the extreme hazing culture that has been encouraged in Davidson High School. Mobile County District and the administration of Davidson High School have demonstrated no remorse or attempted in any way to right the wrong that has been perpetrated upon these children, their families, or the community, and as evidenced by the mocking of this serious issue your city has now demonstrated the same contempt for the lives of these children.
We demand an immediate official apology from your office and every member of the Comic Cowboys for the heartless display of this billboard. These families are all under extreme duress because of these incidents and are being forced to watch your community mock and ridicule their suffering and pain.

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