Talking RVs with RVs Unlimited

RVs Unlimited

If you've been thinking about owning an RV, you'll enjoy watching the video below. You'll see Mary Booth and me talk with the fine folks at RVs Unlimited.

(Mary does most of the talking. I push buttons and breathe heavily.)

One of our guests is Jeremy Strickler, one of the owners of RVs Unlimited. I bought a car from Jeremy when his family owned Strickler Imports, and I've trusted him ever since then.  I believe him when he says he wants to treat his customers like family.  ( By the way, I think Mary bought more than one vehicle from Jeremy!)

RVs Unlimited is located in Robertsdale, Alabama.

You can look at the RVs Unlimited Inventory HERE 

And- in the video below, learn more about RVs and also about what RVs Unlimited has to offer.

Christmas Tree Drive for Panama City - Thumbnail Image

Christmas Tree Drive for Panama City

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