My Favorite Iron Bowl Cartoons by Brent Amacker

Brent Amacker is an amazing local artistic talent. He was born in Mobile, and spent his formative years in the Eight Mile, Semmes and unincorporated regions of Alabama. 

He has used his astounding artistic abilities for a variety of projects. Click on any of the pictures below to go to his website to learn about what he has done, and what he can do for you or your business.

I am so glad he is an Alabama fan, and thus uses his talents to delight me. If he was an Auburn fan, I'd still love him, but I wouldn't enjoy the cartoons during football season nearly as much. 

Below are a few of my favorite brent Amacker Iron Bowl cartoons. Please enjoy them with a healthy sense of humor. And if you know an Alabama fan, share these with them!

Powerful Al
High Horse
Rammer Jammer
Old Times


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