Uncle Henry at the Alabama vs Mississippi State Game

61- Year old Chris of Loxley Alabama!

What a beautiful day for college football- and a beautiful day to be alive in Alabama!

I was blessed enough to attend the Alabama- Mississippi State game in Tuscaloosa this past Saturday.

I'd like to thank John McNeil of Mobile Bay Financial Solutions for his generosity! Also, a thank you to KP of shirtbutter.com for making the drive with me. And tahnks to 61 year old Chris of West Loxley for inviting me to tailgate with him. You can see a picture of me and 61 year old Chris above- and you can see video of his tailgate operation below.    

The kind lady pictured below was tailgating with us. She got her Masters Degree from MS State, so she was allowed to wear the Bulldogs shirt. 

State Fan Invades the Tailgate

In the pictures below, you'll see me sitting with KP, and you'll notice our view. 

KP and Me in the Best Seats
Beautiful day for football!
Another good view

The video below is Dixieland Delight, enjoyed by all during the 4th quarter.

The picture below shows me sitting nervously near the McNeil family, hoping that I do not embarrass myself. 

Thank you John McNeil for your hospitality

And in the video below, you will see me and John McNeil enjoying the END! 

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