Goodwill Easterseals Gulf Coast

In the podcast below, you will hear about the valuable services offered by Goodwill Easterseals, and how you can help by shopping at their stores.

From their website:

"Serving 12 counties in the Alabama-Florida Gulf Coast region, Goodwill Easterseals provides programs and services to help individuals and families overcome challenges due to disabilities and other barriers that impact economic well-being, self-sufficiency, and quality of life.

Our mission is to help families, in whatever shape they are in – needing a job, a GED, or literacy skills, help with parenting a special needs child, or a place for their adult family member who can’t stay home alone. They may need help teaching their children to be ready for school, or getting a piece of medical equipment they can’t afford. Whatever the need, Goodwill Easterseals is here for them."



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