The New Uncle Henry Show Podcast- Episode 7

In this episode of the Uncle Henry Show, you will hear about emotional support animals, prostitution stings in Mobile, and Mobile City Council and Mayor not getting along and many other topics. 

You will also hear a conversation with Melissa Moore, host of the Happy Face podcast. Melissa is the daughter of the Happy Face killer, and she talks about what it is like to find out that your father is a serial killer.

This is from her podcasts' website:

"For Melissa Moore, 1995 was a nightmare. That’s the year the teenager learned her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, was a serial killer. It’s also the year Melissa Moore’s doubt spiral began: When you look like your father, and you share his intelligence and charisma, how do you know you’re not a psychopath, too? Happy Face is the story of Keith Hunter Jesperson, his brutal crimes, and the cat and mouse game he played with detectives and the media. But it’s also the story of the horrific legacy he gifted his children. Join Melissa Moore as she investigates her father’s crimes, reckons with the past, and wades through her darkest fears as she hunts for a better future."



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