Update On the Two ARF Dogs

What a difference a week makes.

One week ago, I adopted Daphne and Velma from Animal Rescue Foundation in Mobile.

Daphne was fine, but Velma was terrified of people and would not leave her crate. She would not walk, and had to be carried everywhere. And Velma was bonded to Daphne.

In the last week, Velma has improved, incrementally every day.  She went from being afraid to leave her crate, to being afraid to leave her room, to being afraid to leave the house - and now, she's enjoying the outdoors!

Velma is still skittish and afraid of loud or sudden noises, and often jumps up to run back to her crate. 

Below, you'll see a little video of Velma and Daphne, taken on the second day that Velma was willing to go outside. Three days earlier, I carried Velma into the back yard and she shook like a leaf, then ran back into the house. You'll see she has rapidly changed her mind about the outdoors.

( I am very pleased that the dog is relaxing and becoming a more well-adjusted dog. However, as the human homeowner, I am delighted that the dog is now willing to go potty outdoors. The first time Velma relieved herself outside, I wanted to celebrate with champagne and bacon.

Daphne and Velma are definitely bonded, and love to spend hours playing with each other. They "play fight" for a few minutes every hour that they are awake. And they like to select toys, and then take away each others' toys. 

Below, you'll see just a few pictures of their relaxed new life. 

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