Mobile Council Passes Budget and Mayor Doesn't Like It

You know how the process works in Mobile:  The Mayor submits a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and then the city council has the authority to amend the budget before they vote on it. 

This year, the council disagreed with some elements of the Mayor's budget, and amended it to reflect their own desires. They wanted more money for Ladd Stadium, and other things.

Here is the press release from the Mobile City Council, giving their opinion on the way they amended the city budget:

City Council Approves 2019 Budget

Focus on Citizen Priorities & Keeps Mobile on Path to Progress


Mobile, AL – The City Council approved the 2019 Budget this afternoon focusing on citizen priorities and keeping Mobile on a path to progress. The balanced budget restores level funding to the Mobile Public Library and Performance Contracts and includes a 5% raise for Public Services employees.

 “This budget is a true reflection of our city’s priorities,” said Council Vice President Levon Manzie. “It is fiscally sound while keeping our focus on our citizen’s priorities and Mobile on the path to progress.” 

The Council made some minor adjustments to the Mayor’s proposed budget unveiled nearly a month ago including: 

  • Reallocation of nearly $500,000 to level fund the Mobile Public Library System
  • Reallocation of nearly $200,000 to restore level funding for Performance Contracts 
  • Reallocation of $152,000 in support of the HBCU Bowl Game
  • Reallocation of $240,000 for key positions and projects in Parks & Recreation
  • Reallocation of $750,000 for maintenance and key Capital Projects at Ladd Stadium
  • Reallocation of funds for a 5% raise for Public Services Employees 

In addition to remaining focused on citizen priorities, this Budget ensures the continued progress the City has seen as a result of the Capital Improvement Program the Council initiated with funds provided by the penny tax. Crucial infrastructure projects including road resurfacing, sidewalk repairs and installations, parks and recreation improvements and more will continue in each District through this program. 

Below, you can see the council Vice-President, Levon Manzie, quite proud of the budget amendments.

Then, below that post, you can read Mayor Stimpson's tweets about the budget. 


Mayor Stimpson is not happy with the council's budget amendments. You can see his reaction below, as he offered comment on Twitter.



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