Mobile City Council Wants More Money for Ladd

The City of Mobile is going through their annual budget process. The Mayor submits the budget, then the city council has the power to amend it before approving it.

This year, some city council members want to amend the budget and shovel more tax dollars toward Ladd Stadium.

We just went through a community-wide debate over the future of Ladd. The Mayor was able to show that ancient Ladd Stadium is going to cost the taxpayers many millions of dollars in maintenance and repairs over the next few decades. And the Mayor presented a vision for reducing that financial burden by re-purposing Ladd into a different type of facility.

Many Mobilians who live near Ladd were outraged at the idea of messing with Ladd, so here we are, trying to move forward as a city with Ladd as yet another financial anchor dragging us down.

In the video below, you will see NBC 15's Cassie Fambro report on the possible new money for Ladd Stadium.

I just wonder: If we give more cash to Ladd, what are you taking that money away from?



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