Better than Netflix: A Few of My Favorite Dog Videos

Ever since my dog, Gertie, passed away in February, I have become somewhat obsessed with dogs. I spend too much time thinking about dogs, and plotting for the time that I eventually adopt a new pet from one of our local animal rescue organizations or shelters.

Facebook has noticed that I am thinking about dogs.(Facebook and Google both have the ability to read my mind, and seem to anticipate my every move. ) Because Facebook can read my mind, they have started throwing dog videos onto my computer screen every day, several times a day. Now, each time I look at Facebook, dog videos pop up. And yes, I watch the dog videos. 

The dog videos are mostly well-made, and are a wholesome alternative to the filth that I am sure that you are watching. You are likely someone who goes home and turns on Netflix and HBO, and allows those companies to place pornographic thoughts in your mind. I resist the nastiness, and enjoy the heart-warming dog videos.

(You will notice that the majority of the videos I have collected here are about pit bulls. There have been some violent news stories about pit bulls in the national media recently, but the group "Pittie Nation" seems to be devoted to changing the public perception of pit bulls. I think they are doing a good job with their videos. I remain cautious about pit bulls. I think owners are more to blame about the behavior of pit bulls that the dogs themselves. )

Here are a few of my recent favorites Dog Videos!

The first one below is about a dog that was rescued from a hoarding situation, and had to learn how to act like a dog! 

I am especially a sucker for the videos about dogs that are facing physical disabilities. There are thousands of those videos on Youtube and Facebook. The one below I thought was especially sweet.

The video below gets me every time I watch it. You may need tissues.

The video below calms me down when I am agitated. I get agitated often, and need calming down daily, so I have watched the video below already on numerous occasions.

The video below has been shared over and over and over again on social media. In case you haven't already watched it- watch it ! 

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