Fun at the Harrison County Fair

I've been to many county fairs in my life, but all of my  fair excursions have been in Alabama and in Florida. So the Harrison County Fair was my first Mississippi Fair experience! 

It did not disappoint- I had a great time at the Harrison County Fair, and you can watch some of that in the videos below. 

The highlight of the day was the Pie Eating Contest. Johnna from K99 Country, an iHeart radio station, decided to compete. The rules were simple: each contestant had three blueberry pies in front of them, and they had to eat the pies with their hands behind their backs. The first person to finish all three pies wins! AND JOHNNA WON! 

Study the video below to learn how to be a champion!

After earning the title of Pie Eating Champion, Johnna proudly showed off her trophy to the denizens of the Fair. 

After the Pie Eating contest concluded, there were several more eating contests. Below, you will find video of the Jr Hot Dog Eating contest. It is worth watching just for the facial expressions of the kids trying to eat the hot dogs. 

Later in the afternoon, there were numerous judicial candidates that were at the Fair give political speeches and try to pick up some votes. You can watch many of the candidates in the video below. It will be of specific interest to you if you live and vote in Harrison County.

I'd like to thank everyone at the Harrison County Fair for their kind, gentle Southern hospitality.  I am already looking forward to next year! 

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