Dragon Boat Festival 2018

In the podcast below, you will hear the Fuse Project's Jessica Wofford and Kobi Bell talk about the Dragon Boat Festival, set for June 9th at the Battleship on the Mobile Causeway.

This is what the Fuse Project has to say about the Festival on their website:

"With origins dating back 2,300 years, dragon boat racing is a unique cultural event featuring adrenaline-pumping action. Teams of 21 people race in authentic 46-foot long Hong Kong style dragon boats. Competitors rave about the excitement, friendly competition and community spirit surrounding the sport. All ages, skill levels and physiques perfect their stroke and timing for the ultimate teamwork experience! Fuse Project’s Dragon Boat Festival brings the most fun and unforgettable fundraising experience to the Mobile / Baldwin County area! See how well your team can compete against other local corporate and community teams – and who will win off the water raising money for children in our local community! This year’s festival is scheduled for Saturday June 9, 2018 at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park."

And this is what the Fuse Project has to say about themselves, again, from their website:

"Fuse Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing the spark for innovation, funding and implementation of projects benefiting children along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Fuse Project invests in initiatives promoting the health, fitness, education and social responsibility of our children. We consider ourselves a neo nonprofit with a singular focus on immediate impact by bringing together local projects for our children. Our five-year goal is to be in a position to fundraise one million dollars ($1,000,000) per year by 2020."

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