The New Rouses Market

This week, I attended the Grand Opening of the new Rouses Market, Schillinger Road at Airport Boulevard in west Mobile.  The store is amazing! It is BIG. It has the regular Rouses' features, like a deli and a bakery and a seafood department. But it also has it's own BBQ smokehouse and a Mongolian Grill. And it has a Culinary Center for cooking classes and demonstrations. 

While I visited the new Rouses Market, I talked to many of the top people involved in Rouses Market, such as Donnie Rouse, Tim Acosta and Steve Black. Steve Black is the President of Rouses Market. 

Below, I have embedded some Facebook videos of me wandering around Rouses Market. You will also find an audio podcast of a conversation I had with Steve Black.

In the podcast, you will hear Steve describe the new store, and also talk about new trends in the grocery store industry. He also talks about Rouses plans for Orange Beach, and about their company philosophy in general. 

So, immediately below, you will find two different ways to listen to that podcast interview with Steve Black. And further down the page you will find the videos. 

If you love food, you must visit the new Rouses Market!


The video below features Tim Acosta of Rouses Market, showing us the seafood department at the new Rouses Market in west Mobile. 


The two videos below are an amateur walking tour around the perimeter of the new Rouses Market, Schillinger at Airport. 



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