Alabama A Day Travel Pictures

I left the spectacular and cosmopolitan town of Mobile Alabama Friday afternoon and drove myself to Tuscaloosa for the A-Day game. Here are some pictures I took of my trek northward. I drove through Citronelle, Chatom, Millry, Silas, Coffeeville, Thomasville, Marion, and many other communities too numerous and tiny and annoying to mention. 

The state of Alabama has plenty of natural beauty, and spring is a nice time to get out an experience all that Alabama has to offer. 

I particularly enjoyed a stretch of road called Alabama 154.  Very few people live on the road, but the ones that do live there displayed Crimson Tide signs to let me know what territory I was in. 

There were a few times that I lost cell phone service, meaning that I was in danger of disappearing forever into the wilderness, perhaps to be captured by Deliverance type lunatics. Fortunately, that never happened. I made it to Tuscaloosa and back and had a great time.

I especially enjoyed the hospitality of Thomasville, Alabama. The people ther are just like the people of Mobile, only they;ve made the odd and inexplicable decision to live in Thomasville. 


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