TSI Alarms and Audio

I've had TSI take care of two projects for me: a home security system, and audio/video for my living room.

TSI set me up with a monitored home security system. If a low down dirty burglar busts up in my house when I am gone, I will find out instantly from an app on my phone, and TSI will also know. TSI will call me (or one of my relatives) and ask me if I want the police sent to my house. 

I like the security system. It's easy to use. If you want to, you can control the system using the app. 

I also had TSI set me up with a big A-word teevee and a Sonos sound system. The tv is a Sony 4K that is android-based, so it has built in apps for Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon etc etc. The sound system is a game changer for me. It sounds great, and it can also be controlled on a phone app. 

I want to underline the fact that their installation people are fantastic. In the two installations they performed at my house, they worked cleanly and expertly. 

In the show below, we talk about security cameras, security systems, video doorbells, home audio and video, keyless entry systems, wifi networking and much more.



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