Jim Nabors: Most Talented Alabamian of All Time?

The world has suffered a massive loss with the passing of multi-talented entertainer Jim Nabors.

 He was born in Sylacauga, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) He is, without question, the most talented performer ever to be born in the state of Alabama.

Here are several examples of his stunning abilities.

First, a clip of his variety show. Jim was already successful as the star of "Gomer Pyle," and America demanded more Jim Nabors, so a variety show was created.


Here is another example of his magnificent abilities. Enjoy this clip where he starred with Andy Griffith and Don Knotts. Jim should have had top billing, of course, but he wanted to help appease the ego of Griffith.


The singing talent of Jim Nabors is legendary. There are many examples available on the internet. I have decided to share this example with you, due to its immense emotional impact.


And below, here is another example that showcases his great singing ability, along with his unsurpassed comedic timing.


I do not want you to think I have forgotten Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle. You got a taste above. Here, in the clip below, you can see the staggering comedic genius of Nabors on full display.


Jim Nabors also had a flair for advertising. Below you can see him sell a product in a masterful way.


And, last but not least, Jim Nabors loves Jesus and sings about it. Listen below and reflect on how you can be more like Jim Nabors in your own life.



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