5 Years After Winning $61 Million, Their Mansion Infested With Gangs, Rats

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What would you do if you won the lottery? Buying a new home, car and taking a trip often surfaces as some of the most popular choices among Americans. While we may find ourselves daydreaming about seeing dollar signs in our bank account, very rarely do we find ourselves fall into fortune. When someone does, it's always interesting to see what they decide to do with the money we have been planning on spending.

Jackpot winners Matt and Cassey Topham had a stroke of luck in 2012 when they won the $61 million (£45 million) prize. They spent $1.6 million  (£1.2million) of their winnings on a luxury seven-bedroom mansion.

The 23-year-old couple however, has not moved into to this massive home. They reportedly had $6.7 million ( £5 million) in plans to redevelop the property called "Serenity" and include a 10-car garage shielded by a waterfall, eight bedrooms with four "hubs" covered with solar panels.

It appears however these plans have been shelved.

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