What's A Podcast?

You may have heard of the term 'podcast', but maybe you've never really checked it out. Or maybe you did, but didn't know where to go? Podcasting has been around for a while now, but people may still be unaware of the allure. 

We've put together a little FAQ about podcasting. Do you podcast?

What is a podcast?
A podcast is an audio show, usually spread across a series of episodes, which can be downloaded or streaming from the Internet. You can listen to either episodes on a computer, a smartphone or an Mp3 player. The term ‘podcast’ is a mash up of iPod and broadcast, coined in 2004.

How can I listen to a podcast?
When iPods first debuted, you downloaded them to your iPod and took them with you. Now, you can easily stream or download any podcast show or episodes. Take it on the go, listen during your commute or listen at work. 

Is it just audio? Is there video too?
Some podcast shows include video in their downloads or streaming, but the majority of podcast shows are audio only. It’s nice to multitask without fear of missing out on any visual you might not see.

What are some famous podcast shows?
SerialNerdistWTF w/ Marc MaronStuff You Should KnowElvis Duran On DemandSixx Sense w/ Nikki SixxThis American LifeThe Breakfast ClubLoreS-TownRadiolabBobbyCastThe Herd w/ Colin CowherdFreakonomics Radio and Missing Richard Simmons, to name a few. There are many more!

How do other people listen to podcasts?
People listen on their way to work. Some people have longer commutes than others, so it’s a good time to hear a great episode before the daily grind. Also, some people like to work while listening to podcasts. 

Ok, I’ll give it a try, where do I start?
There are many options, but we recommend using the free iHeartRADIO app. Click 'Podcasts' in the bottom right corner. Then browse among the many categories available! Podcast shows can get very specific (i.e. Game of Thrones, Fantasy Football, Wrestling, Carpentry, to Celebrity Gossip and Paranormal). 

Or if you're the desktop every day type of person, you can head to iHeart.com and browse or search for podcasts there!

Happy listening binging.

We'd like to recommend some podcasts we've started right here along the Gulf Coast. Check them out and 'Follow' them on iHeart.com.

95KSJ presents Dan & Shelby's Grab Bag Podcast. Your 95KSJ week in review with some extra helpings of exclusive content to help satisfy that entertainment hunger of yours. Look for new episodes Tuesdays at 2PM. We'll also drop week in review episodes on Fridays at 2PM. Join us!

Listen now!

107.3 The Beat presents Sister Code. Join The Beat's Arielle and her friend Ajiaz as they discuss relationship advice, pop culture and everything in between. Catch a new episode every Tuesday at 2PM!

Listen now!

Every Friday Dan and Shelby invite local businesses into the KSJ studios to show off their favorite cocktail. Learn from the pros with our Cocktail Hour podcast and enjoy all the behind-the-scenes fun! Join us! New episodes every Friday.

Listen now!

The BROADcast Podcast is hosted by four completely different ladies (age 20-something to 50-something) who make their living behind a microphone on four different radio stations at iHeartMedia on the Gulf Coast. Shelby Mitchell from 95 KSJ, Mary Booth from Mix 99.9, Arielle from 107.3 The Beat, and Johnna from K99 Country. Every week they’ll share positive stories about women, give their opinions, and share what’s happening in their crazy lives, and draw from the Mommy Topic Bag. They want to inspire, motivate, and empower women of all types and ages…but guys are welcome to listen too...even if it’s just to get a little insight. Get to know the ladies behind the mics a little bit better and take something valuable away every week.

Listen now!

Never miss another Uncle Henry show with his podcast! Uncle Henry is your favorite Mobilian updating you on local and national news. Now you can listen to Uncle Henry's daily live shows no matter the day or time. When asked about this unprecedented access to himself, Uncle Henry screamed "ROLL TIDE!". 

Listen now.