Introducing The BROADcast Podcast

Introducing The BROADcast Podcast!

The BROADcast Podcast is hosted by four completely different ladies (age 20-something to 50-something) who make their living behind a microphone on four different radio stations at iHeartMedia on the Gulf Coast. Shelby Mitchell from 95 KSJ, Mary Booth from Mix 99.9, Arielle from 100.3 The Beat, and Johnna from 107.3 KISS-FM. Every week they’ll share positive stories about women, give their opinions, and share what’s happening in their crazy lives, and draw from the Mommy Topic Bag. They want to inspire, motivate, and empower women of all types and ages…but guys are welcome to listen too...even if it’s just to get a little insight. Get to know the ladies behind the mics a little bit better and take something valuable away every week.

EPISODE 1: The Birds And The Bees

INFO COMMENTSEntertainment, #kids, #moms, #radio, #sex, #weddingShelby, Mary, Arielle, and Johnna step out from the microphone and share stories to, for, and about women. Since it’s their first podcast, they share a little extra about themselves and what’s up this week. They talk about a wonderful thing that hundreds of women across the country did for some brides in despair. That leads them to bring up their own wedding dress stories. They also draw from the “Mommy Bag of Random Topics,” which gets pretty good…they cover food, homework, religion, and even the “Birds and the Bees!”

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