Cockfighting Ring in Citronelle

Back in August 2016, the Humane Society, assisted by the FBI, uncovered a cockfighitng ring in Citronelle. The property was large with bleachers, concession stands, trophies, cockfighitng paraphernalia, and rental holding spaces for the participant's birds.

“This cockfighting pit drew participants from 10 states and held thousands of bloody fights to the death," said Chris Schindler, director of animal cruelty and fighting for the HSUS. "We are grateful to the FBI for pursuing the individuals associated with this despicable enterprise.” reports 4 people will be indicted for the running the illegal operation.

The indictment claims that four people, Steven Brewer, Derek Woodyard Jr., Crystal Asher and Chelsea Helm, operated the animal fighting venture since 2010.

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Photo Credit: Chris Schindler, HSUS


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