Mayor Stimpson Announces New Recycling Program

Mayor Sandy Stimpson has said "Mobile hasn't done what it's should've done" in regards to recycle.

Mobile is at 6% diversion rate, which means how many tons of material are you diverting from your local landfill. Average diversion rate across the States is 34%. He says we have an opportunity for improvement. We are at a low diversion rate because there is only one location in Mobile county. 

Stimpson wants to see a recycling center in every municipal division in Mobile.

Instead of the usual separate recycling containers, starting tomorrow we'll see a compacting container that will hold five timex more than the old containers.

The recyclable materials will be sent to a multi million dollar, sophisticated sorting facility in Escambia county. 

Stimpson believes this will increase our diversion rate and improve the user experience to recycling in Mobile.

Also, 5 two person patrols will scour the city for litter and pick it up. That will be their sole job in the city. 

Picking litter ultimately falls on us. Mayor Stimpsons believes we need to change hearts and minds about littering.

Existing supervisors will have ticket writing authority for people who litter. If they see a commercial or private lot with litter, they will have the authority to give tickets to the owner.

"Requests to fix a litter ticket will fall on deaf ears because we need your help," Mayor Stimpson continue.

Are you excited about the steps Mayor Stimpson is taking in Mobile?

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