Viral DIY Slime Causing Burns With Children

Some of you have been seeing the DIY slime videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, some parents are reporting burns with some of the ingredients. reports one mother who had a terrible accident with Borax, one of the ingredients in these DIY slime videos.

"I just feel like a terrible mother for letting her have access to this,'' Siobhan Quinn told Sheinelle Jones on TODAY Wednesday. "I thought it was laundry detergent. I didn't think it was that bad."

Quinn's daughter, Kathleen, is recovering from burns on her hands that her mother says were caused by Borax, an ingredient in many of the popular recipes for do-it-yourself slime.

Messing with Borax can seriously cause severe damage to your skin.

Just a reminder never, ever use household cleaning chemicals in your craft projects. Thankfully, we found a Borax free recipe for some fun, gooey slime.

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