Lyft Comes to Mobile, AL

An alternative to the super popular, but controversial, Uber ride hailing app is Lyft. Lyft debuts in Huntsville March 23 at Noon (CST). They will also begin operating in four other Alabama cities, including Auburn, Mobile, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa.

Uber has had a problematic year with #deleteUber campaign and rumors of sexual harassment with executives. #deleteUber people not only uninstalled their app in protest, but also requested to have their account deleted. Yes, that's right, you cannot delete your account by yourself. It's a one-on-one process with operators at their call center. Lyft has a similar account delete process, but adding insult to injury there are reports of Uber taking a very long time in deleting accounts.

If you'd like to sign up to become a Lyft driver, you can click here.

Passengers can request a ride through the Lyft app. There they can pay drivers automatically. New Lyft passengers can save $5 on their first ride by using the code LYFTLOVE17.

What do you think? Are you excited about Lyft coming to Mobile?

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