The Science of Phobias is making it’s return to the Exploreum 9/25


UPDATE: Fear is back! That’s right! Our very own, in-house exhibit, Fear: The Science of Phobias is making its return to the Exploreum. On September 25 we kick things off and we have added a few elements to spice up your favorite spooky science experience! In addition to some new content we would like to introduce your “virtual guide” Dr. Cornelius P. Jitters! Join him as he helps guide you through his Chambers of Fear and become one of his volunteer test subjects to discover your deepest, darkest fears.

Everyone is afraid of something and we all have different thresholds for what frightens us. But, no matter what it is that scares us, there’s one thing we know for sure, FEAR causes our bodies to react in extreme ways — hearts pound, palms sweat, muscles freeze and knees shake.

Fear: the Science of Phobias explores the science behind our greatest fears. Through hands-on opportunities, an exciting array of science based programming and expanded content, visitors will have the chance to face and maybe even conquer some of their greatest phobias…