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Uncle Henry


Flashback: Uncle Henry Reviews the New Star Wars Movie

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Ask the Expert: BIS Office Systems

Learn how you can save money on office equipment with BIS Office Systems.
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Ask the Expert: Mobile Bay Coins

Get ready for Mothers Day with Mobile Bay Coins.
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The Shadow Campaign with Josh Bernstein

Investigative reporter Josh Bernstein is working on a documentary about money in politics called "2016: The Shadow Campaign."     
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11 Year Old Alabamian Shoots Intruder

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When Your Body WANTS you to Gain Weight

  The New York Times has a sobering story today about how difficult it is to keep weight off after you've been on a diet. An expert on metabolism with the National Institutes of...
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See Caller Ron Wallace Act in the Play "From Gossip to Praise"

Long time caller Ron Wallace is starring in a stage play this month. Here is a video clip.
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Gulf Coast Focus:Smart Home America

Smart Home America offers advice on how to lower your homeowner's insurance premiums by using different roofing standards.
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Uncle Henry Show Webcam

See what happens in the studio during the show.
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Ask the Expert: Ear Lab

Representatives of Ear Lab explain the benefits of getting regular hearing tests.
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