Good morning fellow Crimson Tider! Still in championship mode here in west Loxley. Went yesterday and purchased Bama t-shirts for the younguns who put them on,went outside and passed the football. Not the soccer ball but a football! Allowing them to stay up to watch the game seems to have done the trick!


chris in loxley

p.s. could #16 be just around the corner?



On the plane yesterday I glanced at the Sky Mall catelog. In it they have BACON pillows you can order. I don't know if they are flavored. Do you want a copy of the catelog?



Good Morning Uncle Henry & Rusty,

Home self defense or personal protection is a component of the 2nd Amendment, but please ask Rusty who exactly did the founder's want the people to be able to defend against?The colonists had been abused by King George III's armed government, so they were intent to empower the people to defend themselves against the most potent abuses of power and those come from the government. The right to bear arms comes from the concept that we are all individually sovereign and govern ourselves, so anything the government has the people also have a right to possess because the government is only an extension of the people with limited power granted by the people.In other words, we the people have the unalienable rights to bear arms, but WE ALLOW the government to have some arms to carry out specific tasks the people have assigned them.Or more plainly, the primary purpose of the 2nd amendment is to guarantee the people the ability to defend themselves against the government."Unarmed man is a subject; an armed man is a citizen."

Pete Riehm



You think you could do more damage with two handguns or an AR-15? About the same number of rounds there, but you could shoot in two directions. Just thinking....

Keep it real,

B Graves


Can Rusty actually shoot someone in self defense? If he doesn't know or isn't sure he doesn't need to be carrying a gun.



Good morning Uncle Henry.

The Danish In-laws are BACK and so is Rusty the Chicken or should I say Scaredy-Cat.

the comment guy


Uncle Henry, I think I know why Rusty wants a gun. Maybe I misunderstood the situation. Maybe I shouldn’t have written a letter EVERY DAY. Maybe standing outside his window at 3 am holding up a boombox like John Cuzack in that movie was a little too much. I’m sorry Rusty. I can’t get you out of my mind. Please don’t shoot me.